AJWhatsApp v8.75 Anti Ban (May 2023) Latest Version

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AJWhatsApp Apk

to all problems you can also now just in Aboud’s Blog Download update And the slave of Aboud against the ban With all of its versions of the links at the bottom of the article, the more you have to focus on choosing the version that you use, as shown below with icons, just press the word download under the copy icon you use and you will be converted Directly to the redirect page link, you must wait only 15 seconds, you will be transferred to the direct link for download, and you can also download and attribute Aboud against the ban.

What is the WhatsApp Aboud :

It is a copy phrase WhatsApp Plus Allows you to open more than one WhatsApp number at the same time. And you can WhatsApp Aboud 2021 from hiding your appearance and from modifying on Privacy It also contains a lot of Themes It is another feature.

The most important features of the AJ Aboud :

  • Hide status ( now connected ) : You can hide the internet connection status and use AJWhatsApp Freely and display to everyone in non-contact mode ( Offline ) .
  • Hide the blue plates : For contacts and group, even as you read the message .
  • Hide writing : You can hide writing for contacts and group, when writing a message .
  • Hide registration status : You can hide the recording of contacts and the group, when recording the sound .
  • Hide the blue signal when you hear the recording : You can hide the signal that you heard the recording or audio clip from the contacts and the group, when opening the sound.
  • Hide viewing status : You can hide the case in WhatsApp so that your name will not appear if you have seen the case .
  • Send files : You can send any ( files attached ) such as PDF, TXT and Docs up to 50MB .
  • Easy camera : You can send pictures and video recording with high quality and greater speed.
  • Video and pictures : You can send high-quality photos and videos from the gallery or file manager up to 50MB.
  • Recordings and audio clips : You can send audio or music files from a player or file manager up to 50MB .
  • Locate : You can share your site in just one click .
  • Focal points : You can specify a message and send it to more than one contact at the same time .

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Aboud against the ban :

  • Possibility Hide appearances.
  • Privacy options.
  • You can send group messages to groups.
  • The possibility of hiding any conversation.
  • Automatic response ( You can send an automatic response to incoming messages when you are busy ).
  • You can change the program line by approximately 30 lines.
  • When someone deletes a message from your device, a notice will tell you which message he wants to delete ( retrieved ).
  • You can now turn off the internet from the WhatsApp and keep the internet working on other programs.
  • You can upload a 7-minute video case instead of 30 seconds.
  • The possibility of sending scheduled messages.
  • You can restore any message after it is sent and it will be deleted from all devices that have been sent to it.
  • You can disable automatic media download for each conversation separately.
  • You can send a message or call an unlocked number on your device such as the Viber application.
  • The possibility of distinguishing between group and regular messages.
  • The possibility of knowing who visited Provailek or became connected.
  • The possibility of placing a lock for the WhatsApp password.
  • The ability to send a 30-meg video instead of 16 megawatts.
  • The ability to send an audio clip of up to 100 megawatts instead of 16 megawatts.
  • The ability to send 90 photos, one batch, without 10.
  • The ability to place a case of 250 letters instead of 139 letters.
  • The ability to press links without storing the message sender number or the group owner.
  • Statistics counter for groups.
  • Media preview without downloading.
  • The possibility of hiding the name and date when copying two or more messages.
  • The possibility of copying the case.
  • The possibility of changing the shape of the program, changing the program icon and notifications.
  • The ability to send pictures with high accuracy.
  • The ability to stop receiving calls from anyone you want or everyone else.
  • The ability to display the messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members.
  • The program sends you an alert if your friend changes his profile.
  • And many features, discover it yourself.

Package Name :-

AJWhatsApp | AJWhatsApp | AJ2WhatsApp | AJ3WhatsApp

Credit :- AbbOod_Jahaf

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