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Download and update versions of Bashar Al-Hamiri BRWhatsApp against bans and viruses, the latest version in all its colors, with giant and exclusive features and additions, different from the rest of the modified WhatsApp versions.

Welcome, users of BRWhatsApp, on the official page of the developer Bashar Al-Hamiri, to publish all updates of WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri in all its colors: gold, red, cyan, girls (butterfly) purple, and also WhatsApp Business, our only and official website for all WhatsApp updates Bashar Al-Hamiri.

Through this page, you can download and download the WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri in all colors with a direct link from Mediafire, as well as learn and read the features and additions of WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri and learn about the new, modern and exclusive features, most notably in each update of BRWhatsApp.

In order to be able to download WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri and obtain copies of WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri against bans, viruses and hackers, the safe and original versions of the developer Bashar Al-Hamiri, please read these following notes, which are:-

Dear users of WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri, please do not download any update for the versions of WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hameiri, which bears the name WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri in all its colors, from any other website or from any telegram channel other than this one. Click here to enter my only official channel on Telegram. We strongly advise you to subscribe Our Telegram channel, because there is more than one person who modifies the WhatsApp versions of Bashar Al-Hamiri and publishes them with his name and distorts the name of the WhatsApp developer Bashar Al-Hamiri.

In order to preserve your important conversations and messages, do not download any copy from any sources other than our official website. This is Pro Tech. You can search in the Google search engine or Bing search engine. When you want to download Bashar Al-Hamiri WhatsApp, type in the Google search engine Google “WhatsApp Bashar Al-Humairi”.

Important note / the latest version of the WhatsApp versions of Bashar Al-Hamiri is 9.00, meaning if you have a version other than this version, I am not responsible for these copies and there is no need to contact me and say there are problems in WhatsApp while you are downloading copies other than my official and original copies from my site.

Make sure that the version you want to update has the same name as the version that you have and the same color that you have “BRWhatsApp” in order not to lose your important chats and messages.

To facilitate and speed up the process of downloading the WhatsApp versions of Bashar Al-Hamiri with the resumption of the download, download the best ADM program, click here to speed up the process of downloading and updating BRWhatsApp. You can download the program from the bottom of the article.

Is WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri safe, free from problems and viruses, and against urban and hacking?
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hemyari The developer, Bashar Al-Hemyari, took over the task of developing WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hemyari, which was difficult for him at that time, until he perfected its development, protection, and made it completely safe, and solved all the problems that he faced at that time, as the developer Bashar Al-Hemyari took over the task of securing The application and its protection from penetration, viruses and intruders through spyware on WhatsApp numbers, so there is no need to worry, and then he launched and spread it widely in social networking programs.

Easy to update and download, it does not need an email or an account in the Google store to download or update it.
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The balance of the appearance of Bashar Al-Humairi WhatsApp
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri is considered one of the best modified WhatsApp, as it is characterized by attractive and harmonious colors and amazing backgrounds.

What is the WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri?

Bashar Al-Humairi WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp developed by the programmer and engineer (developer Bashar Al-Humairi), owner and founder of Pro Tech, an educational technology platform on all social media programs.
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Humairi is an upgraded and modified version of the official green WhatsApp, but it was developed by the developer Bashar Al-Humairi and added all the features of Plus and “GB” and named it WhatsApp Bashar Al-Humairi, which consists of five copies
Bashar Al-Humairi WhatsApp Gold version BRWhatsApp Gold
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri, the purple version (girls), BR2WhtsApp, bears the name WhatsApp Butterfly
Bashar Al-Hamiri, red version, BR3WhatsApp
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri, the heavenly version (the official WhatsApp alternative) BR4WhatsApp
WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri version (WhatsApp Business) BRWhatsApp Business, among the five versions, is a girls version bearing the name WhatsApp Butterfly, and also an alternative version of the official WhatsApp.

And the developer Bashar Al-Humairi also added giant and exclusive features to WhatsApp versions, Bashar Al-Humairi, and he solved all the problems and made it fast and light in size, added the privacy of WhatsApp GB and Omar, and also made it against the ban and also against the viruses that update WhatsApp, making it smooth and secure, and making it free from all problems and breakdowns.

There are also more than 500 features within the WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hameiri.

Extras and features

“Add” bypassing one-time viewing / the ability to view photos and videos for an unlimited number ∞.
“Add” hide the image or video after watching it. You can do this when you select media to send.
«Add» speed up recordings and audio clips.

Fixes in the new update

‘Fix’ Status getting stuck when downloading or copying.
‘Fix’ Send more than 30 photos, videos from gallery.
‘Fix’ the number zero 0 does not appear on the lock screen on some devices.
“Fix” all problems, God willing.

🔸 WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri Golden


🔸 WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri, the violet butterfly (girls version)


🔸 WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri Red


🔸 WhatsApp Bashar Al-Hamiri, the official alternative to the heavenly


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