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Construction Simulator 3 mod apk (Unlimited Money) is a fascinating toy in which the player will learn how to operate the machinery of the most famous brands. Think about the fastest way to build the perfect city. Fill it with roads and buildings, shopping malls, and small kiosks. By the way, the fleet of equipment can also be expanded. New upgraded models can be purchased with the money you earn.

Think up a name for your character, and then – name your own construction company. Forcing the construction work is not possible because you will have to complete the training, to begin with. The main character will learn how to masterfully pour concrete and perform the loading of building materials. In addition, he will have to manage the transportation of goods and the process of laying asphalt. A huge fleet of trucks will be at his disposal, without which the company’s work will instantly stop.

The better will be carried out consecutive tasks, the faster access to the most lucrative contracts. So make an effort to make your company the best of the competition. You’ll have to succeed in 70 missions to win. It will not be easy because every mission will be harder than the last one.

The Construction Simulator 3 apk game’s developers managed to make the gameplay extremely realistic. The view from the cockpit of a modern construction machine is sure to surprise you. Your company management skills can be implemented not only on American territory. For the player prepared and locations on the European continent.

The process of building new structures will be even more interesting thanks to:

  • Large selection of special vehicles;
  • Great graphics;
  • The variety of construction tasks;
  • Realistic game physics;
  • Highly detailed equipment.

If you master the skills of control, you can start building immediately. Start with a small house; very soon, an entire city will appear in space.

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