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05 May 2023
Android 9+
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What's new

New home ui
Anti Ban
New mention style
Custom fab button chat
Fixed Anti ban 1 hour
Fixed open group
Many more



dYowa WhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD that is beginning to be very popular, thanks to its particular design WhatsApp style for iPhone and be based on Delta YoWhatsApp, being very original, which makes it one of the most interesting modifications to install on our Android device.

And is that WhatsApp MODs with iPhone style are becoming very popular lately, and with dYowa we have 3 interesting options to choose from, along with WhatsApp Material D2 by Richar Correa, another original modification, and Fouad iOS WhatsApp, based on the popular Fouad WhatsApp

What’s new in dYowa 9.65 ?

With the latest version of dYowa 2023, version V103, we will find many new features exclusively, as is usual with this modification. But we will also find many bug fixes and improvements, which indicates the constant development of the application.

Exclusive design

<> One UI and new UI design Added
<> New default theme (Light / Night) Added
<> new styles for IG Story Added
<> New UI to add IG Story status Added
<> New design UI for bottom bar styles Added
<> New UI to enable options (airplane mode, light / night mode) Added
<> Forward background color Added
<> forward color icon Added
<> Color option for dialogue chat Added
<> Color option for dialogue music Added
<> Color option for Home Fab Added
<> animated name in header when too long Icon added
<> Animate airplane when turned on to alert you Added
< > Color options for IG Story elements Added
<> Enable separate chats / groups without IG Stories Added
<> Music control Added
<> analog clock Added
<> profile photo Added
<> custom photo Added
<> Clock design and color option Added
<> More direct / settings icon Added
<> More search icon Added
<> More airplane icon Added
<> More Night / Light mode icon Added
<> More chat icon Added
<> many more … Added
<> Teks CarrierNew
<> setup styleNew
<> Quick Contact StyleNew Dialog UI
<> Fixed
<> contact image not showing when sending media in groups Fixed
<> Airplane & Mode icon Light / Night not hiding in Groups tab Fixed
<> bottom bar styles not working properly RTLTranslations
<> updatedNOTE
<> Conversation translation feature now requires installation of app (Google Translate) Misc
<> Many other fixes and improvements we forgot
Attention: if installation failed, just backup your data and install this version 30, uninstall old version and install dYowa v40, restore data and enjoy

APK credit :- Dodi-Hidayat

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    Good dyowa whatsapp

  2. Siddhart says:

    Dyowa whatsapp is good

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    I want the vant

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