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22 December 2022
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Instander ver. 17.1

IMPORTANT! The minimum requirements for installation have increased:
— Android 9+ (SDK 28);
— ABIs AArch64 (ARM64-v8a).

— Migration to Instagram version;
— Update minimum requirements to Android 9+, ARM64-v8a;
— Added Reels scrubber;
— Added a badge when watching a Live;
— Added new fonts to Stories;
— Added new translations: Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malayalam, Polish, Spanish, Turkish;
— Fixed "Ґґ, Єє, Іі, Її" in script font;
— Fixed a bugs that depended on me or my intervention.
— Removed Monet theme for SDK 31+ (will be added in next update);
— Removed In-App Lock (Because of blockchain vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed);
— Removed video scrubber;
— Removed Mark as read;
— Removed Instander Backup Settings;
— Removed Download button in feed (Now the download button is only in the three dots menu);
— Removed message when connecting to the Live in Ghost Mode;
— Removed long-press and triple-press gestures.



Instander APK 17.3 Download (Instagram MOD) Official Latest

Instagram Plus

Instagram is one of the world’s leading social networks and also, one of my biggest sources of entertainment online. Here, I get first-hand posts from my favorite celebrities and influencers that provide me with entertaining content of which I so deserve. I also get to share my life’s moments with friends and followers as I also get to experience theirs through their stories.

However, like many other social platforms, it lacks a few minor user-experiences features, and that’s why developers tend to come up with their own satisfactory versions of these applications and the Instander APK seems to be the best app alternative for Instagram.

What is Instagram Plus APK?

Do you know you can’t download a media file such as videos or images posted on Instagram without a downloader? Or how you cannot be mysterious on people’s stories and posts by ghosting your presence? Or even how you cannot get a verification badge without undertaking a long and tiresome process as well as a journey through your life on the Network? Well, these and many more are some of the few issues that tend to affect the users of the original Instagram application.

Instander APK is an Instamod developed for Android devices to help Instagram users get access to extra helpful features that can help solve the above issues. This application allows you to get access to your Instagram account through its platform as an alternative to the basic IG application. In return, you get to have the ultimate social experience through its amazing features unlocked from the official app.

The developer thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov) designed this as safe as possible and application that guarantees users an awesome browsing experience without any risk of getting banned for using mods because it comes pre-installed with effective and professional anti-ban properties.

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android

The latest version of the Instander APK provides you with all unlocked features plus fixed bugs and updates to the previous version. Being an Instamod, don’t expect to find the app posted on Play Store because it’s restricted. However, you can follow the provided link and download the latest version of the Instander APK today to get the best social experience online.

What is the difference between Clone & UnClone?

These two apps were developed by the same developer, and features are the same. The only difference is their package names which help us to install two Insta apps in one android smartphone.

  • Clone comes with package name, and it can be installed as a standalone application.
  • Unclone comes with com.insta package name, and it needs original Instagram to be uninstalled first to get a successful output.

Features of Instagram Plus

Instander is an Instamod that can perform all the Instagram functions and provides similar features as well. It was mainly designed to offer a variety of many other extra features that users have been crying for but couldn’t access from the original app and they include the following:

  • Instagram Plus APK is not just an application for saving pictures and videos from Instagram. It also contains many great additional features:
  • Facebook Login: with your Facebook, you can log in to Instagram plus.
  • Follow Indicator: On his page (follows you) you can see if someone is following you.
  • Profile Pictures: If you click on it for a long time, you can view the full profile picture size.
  • Hide View Stories: You may also hide your name when viewing the story of your friend (Go to “Plus Settings” “Privacy”).
  • Auto Start: Auto Start videos with sound in your dashboard (Go to “Plus Settings” “Other”)
  • Video Player: You can play videos in your favorite video player (click on “Plus Options” “Preview”)
  • Share: you can start sharing Direct URL for videos or photos, the URL will also include picture or video only without Instagram page (click on “Plus Options” “Share Image / Video URL”)
  • Copy: You can copy the BIO of friends, comments of friends from wherever you want (click on the text to copy it).
  • Translate: You can use your language to translate any comments you want.

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