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24 November2021
Android 4.4+
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About downloading the Instagram golden program

It is an Instagram application, to run a second Instagram Plus account based on the latest version of the Instagram application, and there are many updates to the Instagram application after Facebook took control of the company that owns the application, Instagram gold and supports all Android devices.

Advantages of downloading Instagram Plus Gold + InstaG?

Developer Abu Arab “Golden” + InstaG:
The Instagram Golden 2021 application, in addition to other features, the regular “Instagram” program, and you can also use it next to any other Instagram version, bio versions such as the official Instagram or any modified Instagram Plus, and I will inform you about the special features and new additions, two versions of Instagram Plus Instagram plus + Instagram Gold + InstaG, In the Instagram golden application to try it and see for yourself the difference of our version from the rest of the Instagram versions and by downloading directly on today’s date.

You can call voice and image.

  • First: the ability to upload photos and videos.
  • Second: You can download photos and videos from the story.
  • Third: You can hide that you have seen the stories from WhatsApp, add-ons, features, and then privacy.
  • Fourth: The ability to preview images and play videos in your player without saving them to your device.
  • Fifth: The ability to share copies of links to photos and videos on Facebook.
  • Sixth: Adding many options to change the theme and colors of the conversations screen and conversations.
  • Seventh: Exclusively now you can copy the comments.

Save photos and videos from Instagram:

  • Eighth: You can translate the comments into your own language.
  • Ninth: You can zoom (zoom in / zoom out) for personal photos and photos of publications by long pressing on them.
  • Tenth: Full support for clicking on the links in the program (publications – comments – within the conversation)
  • Eleventh: Add an option to play audio with video automatically
  • Twelve: you can copy the bio (description)
  • Thirteen: You can find out who is following you (enter the profile of any person, you will find the word following you if he is following you)
  • You can use IGTV for Instagram.
  • And many more features.

What is ki Instagram plus gold

Is an application to run a second account based on the latest version of the application of the extension and supports all Android devices in addition to other features and can also be used next to the Lite version of other entragrams, such as Entragram official or any other instagram rate, and will introduce you to the new features and additions Try it and see for yourself our copy teams from the rest of the copies exclusively.

The ki Instagram gold features

1-You can connect audio and video
2-Ability to upload photos and videos
3-You can download photos and videos from alstorey
4-You can hide you watched stories (alstorey) of plugins and features and privacy
5-Possibility to preview images and play videos in your player without saving it to your computer
6-The ability to share/copy photos and videos links
7-Added many options for changing the theme (color) screen conversations and conversations
8-You can copy comments
9-You can translate comments into your language
10-You can zoom (zoom) to personal photos and photo publications through prolonged pressure on them
11-Support click on the links in the program (publications-comments-in conversation)
12-Added an option to play audio with video automatically
13-You can copy bio (description)
14-You can tell your followers (insert person’s file to anyone you’ll find the word your followers if your followers)
15-And many features.
*Other reforms

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