RF Instagram v1.0 [Latest Version 2023] Ads free (Extra Features)


RF Instagram, developed by Abu Fahd Team, is an innovative version of the popular social media platform Instagram. This unique application offers a wide range of features and customization options that elevate the Instagram experience for Android users. With the ability to download videos and images, copy biographies, and enjoy enhanced privacy settings, RF Instagram provides users with a versatile and personalized platform. In this article, we will explore the key features of RF Instagram and its compatibility with Android devices.

Download Videos/Images and Copy Biographies

RF Instagram allows users to effortlessly download videos and images from Instagram directly to their device’s storage. This feature provides the convenience of saving and accessing favorite content offline. Furthermore, RF Instagram enables users to copy biographies, making it easier to reference or share information from their friends and other Instagram profiles.

Enhanced Privacy Options

RF Instagram offers an array of privacy settings to protect users’ information and activities on the platform. Users can hide their view status, similar to the feature found in GBWhatsApp, ensuring that their name remains undisclosed when viewing someone’s status. Additionally, users have the option to hide read ticks, providing them with more control over their interaction with messages. These privacy features give users the freedom to engage on Instagram while maintaining their desired level of privacy.

RF Instagram supports links within the app, allowing users to seamlessly navigate to external websites or resources shared on Instagram. Furthermore, users can hide their view of live videos, maintaining a discreet presence on the platform. These features contribute to a more flexible and personalized Instagram experience.

Seamless Multimedia Experience

RF Instagram enhances the multimedia experience on Instagram by allowing users to enable audio in videos by default. By eliminating the mute stage, users can enjoy videos with audio effortlessly. Additionally, users can save multiple images with a single click when someone adds more than one image to a post. This streamlined approach to multimedia consumption enhances convenience and efficiency.

Zoom Profile Pictures and Download Stories

RF Instagram offers the ability to zoom in on profile pictures by simply pressing and holding. This feature enables users to view profile pictures in greater detail. Furthermore, users can download stories using Insta ULTRA, expanding the content available for offline viewing and sharing.

Customization and Themes

RF Instagram provides users with the ability to customize the appearance of the app according to their preferences. Users can tailor the header, feed, bottom bar, and stories tab to create a personalized look and feel. Additionally, a Night Blue theme has been added for settings, enhancing visual aesthetics and providing a unique visual experience.

Additional Features and Compatibility

RF Instagram includes various other features such as the ability to copy comments, support for x86 devices and links within the app, and an anti-ban system to ensure a seamless user experience. The app is compatible with Android devices running version 5.0 or above, and it can be installed on both rooted and non-rooted devices.


RF Instagram, developed by Abu Fahd Team, offers an enhanced Instagram experience with its wide range of features and customization options. From downloading videos and images to copying biographies, the app provides users with increased flexibility and control over their Instagram activities. With enhanced privacy settings, support for links, and the ability to personalize the app’s appearance, RF Instagram is a powerful tool for Android users looking to elevate their Instagram experience. Upgrade your Instagram experience today with RF Instagram and unlock a world of possibilities.